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How much does a Hospital Room cost in Phuket, Thailand?

Phuket : Thailand’s Tropical Paradise

Phuket province, fondly hailed as the “Pearl of the Andaman Sea” and the “Paradise of the South,” boasts a plethora of advantages that make it a magnet for tourists worldwide. Its stunning natural beauty, comprising pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and crystal-clear waters, serves as a captivating backdrop for unforgettable vacations. Moreover, Phuket’s vibrant culture and rich heritage add depth to the tourist experience, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity. with statistics from 2023 indicating an average of approximately 50,000 visitors per day.

One of the most appealing aspects of Phuket is its accessibility. The province is equipped with modern infrastructure, including an international airport and well-maintained roads, facilitating seamless travel to and around the island. Additionally, Phuket’s status as a cosmopolitan destination ensures a diverse range of accommodations, dining options, and entertainment venues to suit every preference and budget.

Furthermore, Phuket’s robust tourism industry has spurred the development of various recreational activities and attractions, catering to the interests of all travelers. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping water sports, tranquil beach side relaxation, or immersive cultural experiences, Phuket offers something for everyone.

Given its status as a premier tourist hub, the cost of living in Phuket rivals that of the capital city, Bangkok. However, when it comes to healthcare expenses, particularly inpatient care, what are the expenses compared to hospital around Bangkok? 

 So how much does a Hospital Room cost in Phuket?

There are a total of 9 hospitals in Phuket, excluding clinics and other medical facilities not classified as hospitals. These hospitals are divided into government-run and private facilities, each offering different room rates per day:

Government Hospitals:

1.Vachira Phuket Hospital

  • Deluxe Single Room (Nomm Klao Building): 2,000 Baht/day
  • Deluxe Single Room (Andaman Building): 2,000 Baht/day
  • Deluxe Single Room (Luang Poh Chaem Building): 2,500 Baht/day
  • VIP Deluxe Single Room (Luang Poh Chaem Building): 3,500 Baht/day
    (Does not include meal and medical service charges)

2.Patong Hospital

  • Special Room 1: 1,800 Baht/day
  • Special Room 2: 2,500 Baht/day

3.Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization Hospital (or Aor Bor Jor Hospital)

  • Single Special Room (including meals): 1,600 Baht/day
  • Deluxe Single Special Room (including meals): 2,200 Baht/day
  • VIP Special Room (including meals): 3,200 Baht/day

4.Chalong Hospital

  • Standard Room (including meals): 1,600 Baht/day

5.Thalang Hospital

  • Room rates for inpatient care are not updated. Please contact directly at 076-311034 for inquiries.

Private Hospitals:

6.Mission Hospital

  • Standard Room (including meals): 3,300 Baht/day
  • Deluxe Room (including meals): 3,900 Baht/day
  • Suite Room (including meals): 5,300 Baht/day

7.Bangkok Hospital Phuket

  • Private Room (including room and meal charges): 4,960-6,200 Baht/day (depending on ward)
  • VIP Room (including room and meal charges): 8,250 Baht/day
  • President Suite (including room and meal charges): 15,300 Baht/day

8.Dibuk Hospital

(under the management of Bangkok Hospital Phuket)

  • General Inpatient Room: 2,000 Baht/day
  • 5-foot bed Inpatient Room: 2,000 Baht/day

9.Siriroj Bangkok Hospital Phuket (or Siriroj Hospital)

A hospital under the BDMS Group, the same group as Bangkok Hospital.
Room types include Standard Room and VIP Room, but prices are not listed on the website. It’s advisable to inquire about room rates before admission.

The information provided is based on data collected from the respective hospital websites as of early 2024. However, it’s essential to note that these prices only cover room charges per day (some may not include meal charges), excluding medical treatment, medication, and other healthcare expenses. The total cost for treatment for minor illnesses and short-term stays may not be less than fifty thousand Baht, while treatment for more severe illnesses could potentially cost millions.

Opting for higher-priced rooms may provide better service and convenience, possibly including private parking. However, for those traveling on a budget, choosing a more affordable room may save money, though it may lack certain comforts. Therefore, having insurance coverage to handle medical expenses can alleviate concerns about healthcare costs, allowing you to allocate funds for enjoying your time in Phuket. If you’re interested in insurance coverage, you can easily request a quote by filling out the form below.


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