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Protect yourself and your loved ones with Personal Accident Insurance. Accidents happen, but with our coverage, you can be prepared for the unexpected. Our policies are designed to provide financial support and peace of mind in the event of an accident.

What is covered under the personal accident insurance plan?

Our comprehensive coverage includes 24/7  protection, accidental death, permanent disablement, and more. With customizable options and flexible coverage, you can choose a policy that fits your individual needs and budget.

Accidental death benefit
Temporary or Permanent total disability benefit
Medical expenses incurred due to accident
Coverage for accidental injury
Replacement of personal items
24/7 coverage
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With customizable options and flexible coverage, you can choose a policy that fits your individual needs and budget.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An accident can be any sudden, unintended external event which might cause an individual bodily harm and lead to a temporary or permanent physical disability or death.
Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides financial protection in case of an accident resulting in death, disability, or injury. The policy covers expenses related to medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other costs incurred as a result of an accident.
Anyone can apply for Personal Accident Insurance, regardless of age or occupation. Coverage is available for individuals, families, and groups.
Personal Accident Insurance covers a wide range of expenses, including medical treatment, rehabilitation, accidental death, permanent disablement, and more. The exact coverage depends on the policy chosen, and can vary by insurance company.

There are family packages available under a Personal Accident policy, whereby the proposer, spouse and dependent children can all be covered under a single policy.
Yes, most insurance companies offer customizable Personal Accident Insurance policies, allowing individuals to choose the coverage and options that best fit their needs.

Important note:

The answers above are to be used as a reference guide only and don’t substitute or replace your insurance contract, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Certificate of Insurance in each policy you are signed up.