Karan Khanijou

Karan Khanijou is a highly motivated and entrepreneurial insurance agent with a diverse background in business. He has grown up within the family business, RK Fashion, a high-end boutique tailor, and has been involved in real estate and development in Khao Lak. This experience has given Karan a unique perspective on the insurance industry and has equipped him with the skills needed to provide informed advice to his clients.

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Experience & Skill

With his diverse background in business, comprehensive education, and commitment to his clients, Karan Khanijou is well-equipped to provide expert advice and support to those seeking insurance coverage.

Experienced Insurance Professional.
Experienced In Navigating Thai Bureaucracy.
Experienced In Substantial Financial Decisions.
Committed To Helping Clients.
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Qualification & Experience

In addition to his professional achievements, Karan is also considered a rising star within the Thai Sikh community. His dedication to his community and his commitment to providing excellent service have earned him recognition and respect within the community.

Karan’s education has also played a significant role in his success as an insurance agent. He studied at EHL Campus Passugg (formerly SSTH), a leading hospitality management school in Switzerland, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry. He also attended the British International School and St. George’s College in Mussoorie, as well as Wynberg Allen School in Mussoorie, which has helped him to develop a well-rounded education.

Karan’s passion for business and his commitment to his clients make him a valuable asset to the Easy Living Insurance team. He takes the time to understand each individual’s unique circumstances and provides tailored advice and support. He is always available to answer questions and address any concerns, and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

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